Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another finished chapter, time to write a new one

Combining studies with training is not as easy as I've been told. Before this semester at Berghs school of communication, I have not been sat in a school-bench since I graduated from upper secondary school in the spring of 2007. And I must say, going back being used to having climbing as my main focus in life, it's been hard to maintain my training. School-assignments has taken up most of my focus and the stress of constantly having something related to these to think about has drained me on lots of energy. It's actually not been until in the last couple of weeks when all assignments was handed in, that I've started feeling like myself again when going to the wall.

K2 Telefonplan

K2 Telefonplan

K2 Telefonplan

However, in spite of this I have enjoyed my stay in Stockholm very much, climbing-wise also. Training at facilities like K2, surrounded by incredibly many talented climbers has given me a whole new perspective of the Swedish climbing-scene. It has also helped me regain my joy for indoor climbing, which has been running pretty low in the last year or so. But lately I've been able to enjoy climbing in the gym just as much as going outdoors. All thanks to the atmospehere and the amount of new problems being put up every week by hard working routesetters. It´s beyond anything I've experienced before.

Varning för kamel
One of my neighboors in Stockholm seemed to have a thing or two to learn about appartment-
adapted pets. (Translation: Beware of camel).

I am not sure what I'll be doing after New years, but since school is over and I no longer have a place to stay in Stockholm, I have moved back to Uddevalla for the time being. I will be doing some work over the holidays and a couple of weeks into the new year. After that I'm free as a bird again and time will tell wheter I'll be back on the road travelling or in Stockholm training.



Maria Schöblom said...

Varmt välkommen tillbaka till Stockholm! :)

Daniel Olausson said...

Tack Maria!