Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Yet another year goes by. A year that I'd quite like to be erased from the history of time. So much happened, that I could never have predicted. Things that still is affecting me and forever will. Of course it's not been all bad. The time in Turkey was very stimulating. Not only in terms of climbing, but more than that on a personal level. The day I stepped on the flight back home, I felt more in peace than I think I've been in years. But still, I would trade every good experience if some things would never have happened.

Normally, this annual summary turns in to something of a long winded story. But as I have not travelled, or even climbed as much as in the last couple of years, I don't feel I can put much more to words then the lines above. So to save my self from even having to try,  I will fall back on the frequently used expression, that a picture says more than a thousand words.

Boulderkeskus Isatis grand opening
First weekend of Febuary, I was in Helsinki for the grand opening of Boulderkeskus Isatis.

Geyik Bayiri


Olympos beachhang
Olympos beachhang, Turkey. Photo: Natalia Polo López.

Flame of fame 8a, Trebenna, Turkey. Photo: Mikael Ylinen.
Pappa i svampskogen

For a couple of days more, I will be hanging out with my family back home. After that, I'm really looking forward to going back to Stockholm. I think, for the first time ever, I found an everyday life that I could acctually see my self being happy with for more than a couple of months. I'll see what 2015 has got to offer, but for now I feel Stockholm is the place for me to be.

Best new year wishes to all of you!


webmaster Frida said...

Lycka till med 2015<3

Daniel Olausson said...

Tack detsamma till dig (och familjen)!

Per said...

Ta hand om dig Danne!

Jag blir mer och mer imponerad av dina foton. Du har ett grymt bra öga för att fånga ögonblicken.

Daniel Olausson said...

Tack Per! Uppskattar att höra det... Gott nytt år!