Friday, May 1, 2015

2013 Fontainebleau outtakes

Working with routesetting I often find myself thinking back on outdoor climbs I've been on with hopes of finding inspiration for what I'm about to set. The other day I was using this "tool" perhaps a bit too much. I started missing Font more than I've done in a long time. And as I think about this second home of mine pretty much every day, missing it more means missing it A LOT! When I got back home that night I immediately went on my computer and started looking at Font videos. After a while I ended up seeing some old clips of mine and then stumbled over some footage that I had not used. Since I had nothing better to do I put some of them together to make the short below.



Anonymous said...

Det ser gött ut Danne. Nu börjar jag längta tillbaka till den magiska skogen igen :) Bra jobbat / Sebbe

Daniel Olausson said...

Det kan jag säga att även jag gör... Vi för köra en reunion!