Friday, January 18, 2013

Video - Autumn bleaus

This video contains a handfull of problems that I climbed and filmed before going home over Christmas. While being home, I had a bit of time that I used to edit the footage, between eating and sleeping which my three weeks in Sweden was mostly about.

Now that I´m back in Font, I am struggling to get back in shape. It´s been kinda tough up until this point, but after being blessed with amazing, cold weather (apart from the snow) over the last two days, I think I've reached a turning point. I can feel my body slowly adapting to the climbing and all the walking I'm doing around here and with that, my motivation is also returning. A bit of a relief since I have been worried about not enjoying going out into the forrest as much as I use to.

Featured problems:
Sensation 7B+ - Bois Rond
Peter Pan 7B+ - Rocher du Mauvais Passage
Thriller 7C+ - Rocher des Demoiselles
Le Bivouac assis 7C - Cuvier Est
Welcome to Tijuana 7C - Apremont Envers
Megawatt 7C+ - Franchard Isatis

Climber in video:
Daniel Olausson

Daniel Olausson

Henrik Hult
Daniel Olausson

The soundtrack of our lives - Sister Surround

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padde said...

mäktigt! snyggt filmat! och väl sänt får man säga!

Daniel Olausson said...

Tackar, ser fram emot att snart ses här i krokarna!