Monday, January 28, 2013

Video - Two from Brione

In mid October, Neil and I sat of on a weekendtrip to Ticino. After spending 16 hours in the car, for one and a half days of climbing in not so good conditions, we came to the conclusion that Brione is a bit to far away from Font for going over a weekend. The climbing however, is amazing and I would love to go back and try some of the boulders I only got to see a glimse of during this visit.

Neil filmed me on the the two problems I managed to get up, and with the footage I have put together this short...

Featured problems:
Bach Block 7B+/7C
Molunk 7C

Climber in video:
Daniel Olausson

Daniel Olausson

Neil Hart

Machinimasound - Dustsucker

In association with:



martin said...

It begins to look professional !!


Daniel Olausson said...

Thank you, that´s thanks to Neil's camerawork!